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"Marley was dead to begin with..." 

These chillingly familiar words begin Dickens' classic Christmas tale of remorse and redemption that readers worldwide have loved year after year for more than a century.

Being called a new classic, Jacob T. Marley is to A Christmas Carol as the world-famous Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz. Written with a voice reminiscent of Dickens, this masterfully crafted story speaks of greed, redemption, love, and sacrifice. Jacob T. Marley has become a companion classic for Dickens fans around the world.

A story of forgiveness, tolerance, and unconditional love in which a young boy and his latest bully make a remarkable transformation that will leave you and your family with a fresh understanding of the meaning of Christmas in your life.

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The Last Man at the Inn

Coming November 2019

A tale of one man’s quest to believe in the Messiah…

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